For the Worker

Recruitment & Processing

  • Mobilization, sourcing, pooling of applicants based on customer specifications
  • Preliminary screening and testing prior to final selection by the principal or employer
  • Medical and trade test
  • Document processing with the POEA and the embassy of the country of destination


  • Pre-and-Post final interview orientation and meetings,
  • Pre-departure seminar
  • In-house training for domestic helpers and caretakers
  • Email and video services


Aside from the services performed by the company in order to recruit the required worker for the employer, MISSION WAY provides on-site mediation and grievance handling in cases of misunderstanding between the worker and employer. For the employer or principal

  1. Accommodation, assistance, and travel arrangement for the principal and employer representatives
  2. Email and video services
  3. Assistance during the interview – MISSION WAY will assist the employer or his representative during the interview with the prospective worker. Company representatives will be there to coordinate all the needs and requirements of the principal/client, from the date of arrival until the departure from the Philippines.
  4. On-site client servicing – A company representative periodically visits the job site to assess other possible services that the company can offer.

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