Mission Way Manpower Services, Inc., established in June 15, 1995, provides manpower needs to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Taiwan, United States of America, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Africa, Ethiopia, Algeria, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Angola, Sudan, Congo, Morocco and New Zealand. We have been multi-awarded through the course of history, recipient of POEA Top Performer Award 2002-2005, National Product, Quality Excellence Awards and the Seal of Product Quality in 2006, Global Awards for Marketing Excellence for Most outstanding Manpower Agency for Taiwan - 2006, Philippine Brilliance Awards for products & Services - Best Employment Agency for Taiwan in 2006, 2010 Dangal ng Bayan Awards for Most Outstanding Manpower Agency for Asia. We take pride in serving professionally our Bagong Bayani and be excellent in their field of expertise.

Mission Way, The right way, The best way.

For over 40 years now, licensed private recruitment agencies have been recruiting and deploying Filipino workers to more than 200 destinations "done through a systematic recruitment network where foreign principals must course their manpower requirements through POEA - licensed private employment and manning agencies" in various fields-professional, medical, technical, operations and maintenance, construction, hotel and seafaring sectors.


The top management of MISSION WAY Manpower Services, Inc. is composed of the President, General Manager, and Overseas Marketing Manager who are ably supported by both senior staff and rank and file employees. Top management has a combined total of almost 22 years’ experience in business, management, and other fields, including the overseas employment industry.


A senior officer in a large recruitment agency where he handled the monitoring, documentation and processing of papers, all of which are vital steps in deploying workers abroad. Mr. Magsino reviewed proposals and served as mediator in matters concerning the employer and worker.

His extensive training and exposure to the overseas employment industry has equipped Mr. Magsino to head MISSION WAY and make important policies and decisions that would benefit the company, its client and deployed workers.


She moved up the ranks, starting a simple job that she held for five years. After which Ms. Magsino began her career in the overseas employment industry when she became employed at a manpower recruitment agency. She first worked as a member of the staff for three years, and then she moved up to become General Manager in her own company, a position that she holds until now.

She was with her husband Mr. Ferdinand Magsino in a big recruitment agency for almost nine years prior to her post at MISSION WAY. As General Manager, Ms. Magsino gave orientation to departing workers in order to prepare them in terms of safety, performance and expectations of the clients/employers. She made site-visits to check on the status of the workers and to service the clients. She was also involved in tapping new markets for skilled and unskilled workers and meeting with foreign partners.

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